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Dental insurance and get 10% off at LifeStyle Dentistry

Take advantage of your dental insurance benefits AND get 10% off!

Do you still have unused dental insurance benefits left this year? We try to accommodate every patient with expiring insurance benefits but inevitably the scheduled fills up quicker as the end of the year approaches.

We are offering 10% off dental treatment through October.

To make sure you can take advantage of your benefits, call us today to assure your dental needs can be scheduled by the end of the year.

Explore Life Style Dentistry‘s Current Specials

If you have any dental treatment you have put on hold, now may be a good time to maximize your 2021 Insurance Benefits and 10% Rewards.


10% Rewards on All Dental Care

Dental benefits often renew in January. Take advantage and schedule your appointment to achieve or maintain your healthy beautiful smile.

10% off on All Dental Care

Includes all periodontal and laser treatments, crowns, implant crowns, fillings, veneers, protective appliances, and night guards KOR laser whitening and Invisalign. Now thru the end of February.

Only One Kind of Treatment