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I recently saw Dr. Hubbs a couple of months ago back in June. I was in Rogers, AR temporarily for an internship and I knew I needed my teeth done. I did some research and found Lifestyle Dentistry. I went in for a consultation and Dr. Hubbs was great and told me what she recommended would be the best solution for my teeth. At the time when I went in, I had a chipped tooth and some gaps in between my teeth and I knew I eventually would want to get bonding or veneers done. I knew getting both of these procedures were very serious as well as expensive. I wanted to make sure I was going to get the best service and treatment and I did! She explained both procedures to me and I went ahead and did veneers on my 6 front teeth. She was extremely nice and helpful the entire time, as well as the staff. Also, she was also always available when I had questions, even during the weekend when the office was closed. The service was phenomenal and I would definitely go back to her! I know have an amazing smile because of her!! I absolutely love it.

Victoria E.