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There is a lot of stuff flying around in the air in your home. Between dust, hair, the mist from sprays, and dirt, there are countless things that can trickle down and land on the flat surfaces in your home. If you happen to leave your toothbrush out where those particles trickle down, you are getting those things in your toothbrush, which could result in you getting sick. Instead of taking that chance, it may be time to start regularly sanitizing your toothbrush.

How to Keep Your Toothbrush Sanitary

There are quite a few ways of keeping your toothbrush sanitized and clean. These tips are better explained by the experts at West Cobb Dentistry website, who are trying to improve the health of your teeth based on other factors. You can start off by putting your toothbrush, head-side down, into a coffee mug and pouring boiling water over it. Leave it in the water for three minutes, and take it out. You can also go with a much easier option and simply add your toothbrush into a load you run through the dishwasher each week. Set it up on the top shelf and make sure you leave it in there until the load is dry.

Using anti-bacterial or anti-microbial mouthwash can also work for sanitizing your toothbrush. Leave it in that between brushings, but make sure that you throw out the old mouthwash and replace it with new stuff each time you brush your teeth. This can get a bit tedious and expensive, but it does work to keep your toothbrush sanitary each time you use it.

How Often Should You Sanitize Your Toothbrush?

This answer depends on how often you get sick and where you leave your toothbrush. You should make sure to sanitize your toothbrush weekly if your toothbrush is in a cabinet and no one in the house is sick. If you leave it out on the counter, sanitize it more regularly. The same goes if people in the house get sick. If you get something that requires antibiotics, then once you are considered no longer contagious, replace your old toothbrush with a new one. It keeps you from putting those same germs back into your mouth, potentially getting you sick all over again.

For more tips on keeping your toothbrush clean and sanitary, contact us. We can talk with you about extra things you can do to keep your mouth healthy, which will also help keep your entire body healthy. Give us a call today!